Firearms Rights Restoration

I represent people who want to have their firearms rights restored after having been convicted of felonies. Virginia law allows a person who has previously been convicted of a felony to have their firearms rights restored after they have fulfilled all probation and court obligations for the felony and had their other civil rights restored.

How do I get my rights restored?

On April 22, 2016, Governor McAuliffe restored the voting rights of felons who have completed all of their court obligations. The Commonwealth of Virginia has information on how to go through that proclamation here.

Now that your voting rights have been restored, you have the right to petition the Circuit Court for the County or City where you live for the restoration of your firearm rights. A lawyer experienced in these matters is helpful and probably necessary at this stage of the process. Often, the Commonwealth's Attorney for your locality will oppose the restoration and you will be required to convince the Court that restoration is appropriate. The Court has broad discretion to grant or deny the restoration of rights, but in my experience, the restoration is likely to be granted if you can prove that you have had no criminal convictions for a long period of time, that you are a stable and even-tempered person, and that you are a contributing member of society. The Court may also consider whether or not firearms or violence were involved in the previous convictions.